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Jason Breach

Jason Breach's passion for wood started at an early age, and with the love and encouragement of his family he started woodturning as a hobby. Leaving school at 17 he attended Buckingham College where he graduated with a BA HONS in Furniture Design and Management. He enjoys the challenge of making complex items of furniture and worked in this field for 6 years. After being made redundant he took up a position that enabled him both to teach his turning skills, but also to hone and develop them further.

He has now been there for nearly a decade. Jason now makes a range of turned items ranging from commissions to craft shop regulars; each is produced to the same exacting standards. He creates a range of functional items such as fruit bowls and light pulls, to purely decorative items such as boxes and other abstract pieces. He also produces solitaire sets where each ball is hand turned in a different timber.

Fluted Arc Box by Jason Breach

Fluted Arc Box

Bubinga wood, with ebony details, lids & stand
11"h x 10"w x 2.5"d


Ash Twin Orbital Arc Box by Jason Breach

Ash Twin Orbital Arc Box

English Ash, Malachite inlays
9"h x 9"w x 2.75"d

Oak Angel Box by Jason Breach

Oak Angel Box

English quarter sawn Oak, Ebony details & lids
11.25"h x 11"w x 3.5"d


Fluted Rocker Box by Jason Breach

Fluted Rocker Box

Cocobolo fluted, Ebony details
10"h x 10"w x 2.75"d